Arts and Sciences


During semester time, the College of St Ursula meets once a week to further goals and projects of an Arts and Science nature. This may range from garb making and heraldry, to brewing and embroidery. Details about what will be happening during each meeting will be announced over the St Ursula Facebook group. Every week we will attempt to have a teacher for an organised lesson (for example, embroidery). Unplanned weeks will be for finishing projects from previous weeks, working on individual projects, dancing or other miscellaneous activities and general socialising.


In addition to the college-run Arts and Science evenings, a Baronial Arts and Science meeting is held every on the second Sunday of each month. There are a variety of scheduled classes, as well as a space to work on various projects and catch up with other artisans in the barony. For details, join the Barony of Rowany Facebook group.

Fighter practice


The Barony of Rowany’s Fighter Practice happens once per week, and a number of College members attend to practice armoured combat (swords, shields, polearms, etc,) and rapier combat (rapiers, daggers and longswords). For further details, join the Rowany Warriors¬†Facebook group.

Other Regular Events

  • Open Baronial Senate Meeting – Third Monday of the Month, on Zoom. Links will be shared to the St Ursula Facebook group.
  • Stowe-on-the-Wowld Fighter Practice and A&S – This is the Western Sydney branch of the SCA. Their in-person activities are suspended due to COVID-19, and details will be added when they restart.