by Lady Rosalind the Nameless (Yael Bornstein)

In an effort to provide inspiration to others to create beautiful things in our fair Barony and College, I have created counted stitch patterns of these devices. Counted stitching is exactly what it sounds like. You need to count how many stitches you need of a particular colour. If you get it wrong, the pattern does not come out correctly.

This is not a guide on how to do counted work, there are plenty of excellent guides available only a mouse click away on the Internet if you search.

Counted work is done on fabic which has a regular, square pattern of holes (eg Aida cloth and Evenweave fabrics – they come in multiple colours and fabric types). The final size of the image is determined by the spacing of the holes. Therefore these patterns are infinitely scalable.

A variety of different stitches can be used to create these patterns. Two are cross stitch and Continental tent stitch, however other stitches can be used as long as they are regular. Only practice will allow you to create neat, even images from any pattern. So get to it!

Barony of Rowany Stitch Pattern

Download Barony of Rowany Stitch PatternTo see my finished version, click here.



College of St Ursula Stitch Pattern

Download College of St Ursula Stitch Pattern