Regular Meetings of the College

Arts & Sciences – College

During semester time, the College of St Ursula meets once a week to further goals and projects of an Arts and Science nature. This may range from garb making and heraldry, to brewing and embroidery. Details about what will be happening during each meeting will be announced over the Ursulans mailing list and Facebook page. Every week we will attempt to have a teacher for an organised lesson (for example jewelry making). Unplanned weeks will be for finishing projects from previous weeks, working on individual projects, dancing or other miscellaneous activities and general socialising.

Arts & Sciences – Baronial

In addition to the college-run Arts and Science evenings, the Baronial Arts and Science evening is held every Monday evening from approx 7:00 at Addison Road Community Centre (142 Addison Road, Marrickville). There are a variety of scheduled classes, as well as a space to work on various projects and catch up with other artisans in the barony.

Fighter Practice – Baronial

The College makes a strong weekly showing at the Baronial Fighter Practice, which is held on Monday evenings, from about 7:00pm. This is at Addison Road Community Centre (142 Addison Road, Marrickville). Beginners classes run almost continuously throughout the year, for which you are not required to have your own equipment. There is sometimes spare gear that can be borrowed to let you have a go in armour, too.

This event is for both armoured combat (including swords, shields, polearms, and so on), and rapier combat (including rapiers, daggers, longswords, and Renaissance street fighting).

Fighter Practice – College

If there is enough interest, efforts will be made to start a fighter practice on campus- let us know if you want to fight and can’t make it to the Baronial practices!

Other Regular Events

  • Open Baronial Senate Meeting – Third Monday of the Month, Hut 1, Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville.
  • Stowe on the Wowld Fighter Practice & A&S – This is the Western Sydney branch of the SCA, and meets every Wednesday at Pendle Hill Scout Hall, Pendle Hill.

Contact the Seneschal for more details about the above events.