For general enquiries, please contact the Seneschal. Most of our communication is done via our Facebook page, which you can find here:

Most of our communication is done via our Facebook page, which you can find here: College of St Ursula.

As part of the change in officers, as well as the move to the new website, all email addresses (apart from the group mailing list and email) are temporarily unavailable. Please contact the Seneschal for the details of other officers.


Seneschal: Lord Matthijs Tjepke van der Horst (Michael Hill)
The Seneschal is the administrative head of the College. He is responsible for the College in regards to the Barony, and for whichever offices He has not already delegated
Deputy Seneschal: (Teresa Nguyen)
This is the person the Seneschal first delegates to! She also manages a lot of the administrative work to do with the University of Sydney.
Arts & Sciences: Úlfhildr Halfkrafla (Imogen Saxon)
The Arts and Sciences officer will help you to learn about the various Arts and Sciences pursued in the society. She will know various people to go to for help, in the rare case that she doesn’t know herself.

Reeve: Hrafn (James Anthony Smith)
The Reeve is responsible for all the money that the College has influence in; organising funding from the University, and any purchases that the College wishes to make.
Web Master: Lord Sigvaldr Sviðandi (Alex Selth)
The Web Master runs the website, and Ursulan and Colleges email list. If there’s a problem with these, please see Lord Sigvaldr first.
Acquisitor: (Shannon Hayes)
Baliff: Yda (Megan Mitchell)